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Meet Byqee V23

Every bike has handlebar.


So, Byqee can convert any type of regular bike into an electric bike... just minutes!

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Just 3 Steps

1- Change your old front wheel with Byqee motorized wheel

2- Place the bracket on the handlebar

3- Place the battery pack

you got yourself an e-bike!

Ligthest Battery

With only 1.2kg weight battery pack, Byqee provides the lightest portable e-bike battery in mid-range cycling

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Hill Monster Byqee Hub Motor

Forget about ordinary 250W motor experience. Byqee motor provides 45Nm torque which make hills feel like decent road

30km Range

Range is not all about capacity.

Byqee's battery pack has 5.2Ah capacity but thank to ligher drive-train pack Byqee can provides 30km cycling range

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