Byqee V21 (Global Version)

Byqee V21 (Global Version)

VAT Included

V21 battery pack provides 30km riding range with it's 1.2kg ultra light weight


You can build your most effective vehicle for urban commuting with Byqee V21


We designed the most viable, fashionable, compact and portable e-bike battery only for you!


V21 battery pack has 36V 5.2Ah capacity which provides the most effective capacity for urban commuting.


You can carry your battery pack with you and easily charge it in just 3 hours via standart home type electric socket.


Whatever the type of bike you own, you can configure your Byqee pack with your dimensions. You can select your Byqee pack between 16-28" rim size and 74-100mm fork opens.


Our 36V 250W powered Byqee electric motor is little bit different than others...


On the hills, thank to 350W peak power, Byqee motor can reach to 45Nm torque rate. On the decent roads, Byqee can reach to 25 km/h speed as well