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Byqee V23 

The Lightest Way to Electrify All Types of Bicycles

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30 km Range
45 Nm Torque Power
Full Battery Charge in 3 Hours
250 Watt Motor Power
Torque Monster Byqee Hub Motor
Battery with a Lightness of 1.2 kg

1- Choose Your Wheel Size

Choose your wheel size via selecting rim type. Rims between 24"-29" being send with 100mm fork size. If your rim is 20" you need to know what is your fork size and make selection between 74mm and 100mm


2- Select Shipment Period

If there is a stock ready product, "7 Days Fast Delivery" option should be selectable. If there is not stock ready product or if you want to go with better price option, you can select one of future shipment periods. 


That's it! You are fully ready to be a Byqer!


Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any question

v23 Tanıtım.png
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You can check out our store to have a Byqee V23 too!

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